Level 2 A&B

Program: Training in the basic principles of ballet technique, vocabulary and studio etiquette will be continued by students. This level builds on the growth of technique and coordination, and musical comprehension and graceful expression can begin to be gained by students. Theraband and strengthening exercises on the floor and at the barre will train students for pointe in this class. The muscles required to dance en pointe will be further developed by this class. To dance en pointe it is vital to have proper spine alignment, turn out from the hips, solid ankle strength, proper foot-pointing technique, and good balance.

Required Additional Classes:

  • Pointe¬†
  • Jazz (Friday)

Level 3 A&B

Program: The terms presented in Ballet II are added with new terminology and an emphasis on improving pointe work. Classes will increase in complexity and emphasize line development, quality of movement, musicality, and artistry. Students will continue training in Ballet III to further improve the muscles of the calf, the ankles, and the arches of the feet. In order to improve strength and practice balance, Ballet III will include pointe work and variations from different Classical Ballet repertoire.

Required Additional Classes:

  • Contemporary
  • Pointe

Level 4

Program: This is the most rigorous training level, emphasized by advanced pointe work and ballet technique. In every element of training and performance, dancers are challenged. Dancers will learn variations from different Classical Ballet repertoire.

Required Additional Classes:

  • Contemporary

Level 5

Additional Pre-Professional Classes


Program: Additional Pointe classes for Ballet. This class is invite only.





Program: Contemporary dance is a diverse genre, which incorporates the technique and movements of other dance styles. This class explores musicality, both fluid and sharp movements, and creating clear shapes and interesting transitions. The choreography will alternate between more literal storytelling and more abstract interpretive dance, but will always be expressive. This class will benefit all other disciplines because it draws from them, and additionally prepares dancers for the professional world.

Contemporary is required for:

  • Level 3 A&B
  • Level 4 A&B