Pre-Professional Morning Program

Pre-Professional Morning Program


Monday10:45am – 12:45pm
Wednesday10:45am – 12:45pm


UniformBlack Leotard
Pink Tights
Black Skirt
ShoesBallet Slippers
Pointe Shoes (director’s discretion)
HairNeat Bun


Pre-Professional Morning Program$245/mo

Orlando Dance Conservatory is proud to offer Central Florida our brand new Pre-Professional Morning Program. Join us for elite Classical Ballet, Pointe, and Repertory training, led by Ms. Aretuza. Our program is for highly-driven and ambitious dancers who are looking to enhance their movement and broaden their knowledge. 

These intense classes will focus on a classical ballet foundation and incorporate other dance styles for strength and versatility. Ballet is the basis for many dance styles and most major ballet companies require this understanding from their dancers. This is why we have optimized our program to prepare students for as many opportunities as possible. 

This rigorous schedule offers classical ballet, pre-pointe and pointe, variations, and dance history. Dancers are encouraged to also take Conservatory Classes in the afternoon to further grow their skills.

It is also our strong belief that skills and passions grow through performance. Utilizing famous dances from the canon of classics, and setting new choreography will be the opportunity to put the training to the test. We want to enrich the dancers’ repertoire and give back to our community and the greater Orlando area through professional quality performances.